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Identity Theft Insurance

ID Theft Insurance

Identity theft insurance protects your identity, your credit and your time. We’ve all heard about the data breaches at the big box stores, as well as hackers breaking into your email and bank accounts. Once a criminal has your vital information, they can take over your identity and ruin your credit.

Don’t run the risk of becoming a victim of fraud and identity theft. ID theft insurance can help protect you in the event your vital information falls into the wrong hands.

Our identity theft coverage is fast. Just make one call to our identity theft protection hotline, and our experts will immediately take action to:

  • Quickly assess your situation to determine if fraud has occurred.
  • Stop damage to your credit within minutes of your authorization by directly contacting major credit bureaus.
  • Make all required phone calls to creditors, banks and agencies.
  • Assist you in replacing documents, including driver’s license, passport, Social Security card or other ID.
  • Provide an emergency cash advance if the theft occurs while you’re away from home (restrictions and limits apply).
  • Provide up to $25,000 in recovery for expense reimbursement with no deductible

Contact Rodgers Insurance today at 410-282-1379 for a free identity theft insurance quote.