Investment Properties

Investment Property

Investment Properties

If you own investment property (ies), Rodgers Insurance can work with you to make sure you have the investment property insurance you need to protect your assets.

In the event of a partial property loss, a total property loss, or even a liability lawsuit, if you are not properly insured, you could find yourself financially devastated, your real estate investing career in jeopardy, or worse yet, your life savings wiped out and a large judgment against you.

Hazard and fire insurance are always needed, as is liability insurance. Other types of investment property insurance are necessary depending on how the property is being used, and whether it is vacant or occupied.

Vacant Properties : Vacant residential or commercial properties carry special risks, and therefore need special vacant property insurance coverage to protect you against loss and liability. Builders risk insurance covers a property while it is under construction or renovation.

Occupied Properties : We offer commercial property insurance as well as residential property insurance tailored to your specific property.

Landlord Packages : Landlord insurance and rental property insurance protects you from the standard perils such as fire or storm damage, but also protects you from tenant damage, theft, vandalism and liability.

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